Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Book Review: Axis By Robert Charles Wilson

Book Review: Axis by Robert Charles Wilson
Genre: Science Fiction
Bob's Thoughts "The sequel to Spin is another beautiful high concept Science fiction tale."
Grade: B+
New Release
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Axis is the sequel to the 2006 Hugo award winning science fiction novel Spin. What I remember about Spin, is it being a BIG novel. Not in page counts or size, but in feel. It was full of big ideas. Big questions of morality, and science and ethics. Packing such themes in his story, you would expect the characters to become cardboard one dimensional passengers. Yet, despite the bigness of the story, Wilson tempered that bigness with wonderful look at the relationship between three friends, who aren't just along for the ride but are helping to influence events. That is where Spin really succeeded. The people guiding you through the tale, despite their flaws, were people you could understand.

With Axis, Wilson tries the same formula. Yet, while the ideas are still big, their is a briskness to the tale. The main characters aren't huge minds, big players on the scene, but normal people, stuck in a strange event. Here Wilson expands the story, taking it beyond what we understood in the first book, yet, without a "been there done that" feel.

While Axis may not meet the level of the brilliant first book Spin. It definitely keeps giving readers what they are looking for. Compelling characters, and complex, yet comprehensible science fiction events.

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